Injury Prevention

SES injury prevention methodologies help athletes stay in the game, keeping them healthy and competing throughout the longevity of their sports careers.

SES programming is created to meet the elite movement demands of each athlete’s sport and is easily integrated into existing structures as a supplement that enhances traditional sports performance programming.


Injury Risk Evaluation

Our athletes are individually analyzed through a series of biomechanical evaluations that emphasize the specific movements and speeds of their sport. Sport and speed specificity is the industry gold standard when analyzing an athlete’s risk for injury.


Injury Risk Profile

SES injury risk profiles are compiled for each athlete based on data extracted from our SES Injury Risk Evaluation. Utilizing these profiles lets us better understand the injury susceptibility trends of individual athletes and teams.

Profiles apply our intricate scoring and weighting system to produce a snapshot of each athlete’s injury susceptibility score. This score analyzes an athlete’s potential for injury and provides guidance on the types of injuries they may be most likely to experience. Profiles also describe the movement combinations that create the MOST injury risk, informing and empowering athletes and coaches to arm themselves against injury.


Injury Risk Prevention Programming

Individualized programming is created for each athlete based on their SES evaluation and profile. SES programming is progressive in nature and specific to each athlete’s injury susceptibilities. It is highly effective at targeting and resolving an athlete’s deficiencies, ultimately leading to a significantly reduced risk for catastrophic injury.


Sports Performance

Our programming develops sport-specific strength and power that translates to enhanced sport performance and reduced injury risk, giving athletes the best chance to win the game.

Our elite sports science system improves athletic performance and optimizes physical capabilities through sports performance programming and consultation tailored to sport-specific demands and movement profiles. 


High School & Clubs





Sports Physical Therapy & Return-to-Sport Programming

Getting our athletes back in the game at a pre-injury level of athletic function through targeted interventions focused on sport performance demands.


Sports Rehabilitation

Our sports physical therapy brand is unique to any other rehabilitation entity because of the sheer number of competitive athletes we treat. This niche in the sports physical therapy world enables us to gear our rehabilitation programming approaches specifically toward the return to high-level competition. 

Our level of expertise in evaluating and treating sports-related injuries is unmatched because of our experience in the competitive athletics realm. Our board-certified physical therapists will help our athletes return to their sport faster, safer, and more prepared to meet its demands.


Return-to-Sport Programming

Our return-to-sport programming is intended to close the gap between traditional physical therapy and sports performance. This programming is designed for athletes who have participated in a traditional course of physical therapy but still require additional training to return to their pre-injury level of sport participation.

Athletes are also provided with comprehensive return-to-sport evaluations to ensure they are prepared to return to play at a reduced risk of reinjury.


Lifestyle Maximization

SES evaluates, treats, and creates programming for active adults who prefer a lifestyle not limited by age or previous injury. Too often, active adults are told to limit/stop their activities in order to avoid injury. However, we are here to help you maximize your activity, not modify it! Our physical therapists are here to provide the necessary support that will help springboard you back into the activities you love and ensure joint health longevity.

Our proprietary brand of injury prevention and sports performance is making elite level analytics and programming accessible to all athletes.


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