The SES Advantages

SES is transforming the injury prevention and athletic performance landscape for athletes.

Our proprietary brand of injury prevention and sports performance is making elite level analytics and programming accessible to all athletes.

Biomechanical Analysis

Our system pinpoints what injuries your athletes are at risk for and why.

Progressive Injury
Prevention Programming

Athletes receive individually tailored injury prevention programs based on their SES biomechanical analysis.

Personalized Sports Medicine

Rehabilitation and return-to-sports training tailored to athlete and sport to maximize performance and minimize risk for future injuries.

Analysis-Driven Sports Performance Programming

Strength, power and performance programming support that utilizes results from our SES biomechanical evaluation / analysis to tailor performance training to the specific characteristics of your team. 

Program Accessibility

Remote access to our programming is available through our user-friendly online platform. SES partners currently span the coasts of the continental United States, as well as internationally.

Our level of national success preventing non-contact injuries in high-level competitive athletes is unmatched.


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