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Established in 2011 by Dr. Selena E. Budge, Stability Enhancement Systems creates comprehensive and easily consumable sports medicine that enables athletes to perform at the highest level while significantly reducing their risk of injury.

We are dedicated to reducing injury risk and supporting sustainable joint health and career longevity for athletes through an exceptional brand of injury prevention and targeted sports performance training. We help athletes get back in the game, stay in the game, and win the game.

Tall kneeling on a stability ball with secondary destabilizing activity
In-line lunge testing helps to identify movement deficiency.

At SES, we want to make elite-level analytics and programming accessible to all athletes – whether they are competing at a student, professional, Olympic, or recreational level – and our injury prevention and sports performance training programs have been utilized by thousands of athletes.

Our unique, cutting edge brand of comprehensive and easily consumable sports medicine enables athletes to perform at the highest level while significantly reducing their risk of injury.


Dr. Selena E. Budge

Dr. Selena E. Budge is the Founder and President of Stability Enhancement Systems. She earned her doctorate degree in physical therapy from The Ohio State University with a research emphasis on the biomechanics of ACL and lower extremity athletic injury and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Dr. Budge demonstrating the tuck jump to Team USA.

Dr. Budge is a sports injury prevention specialist with extensive expertise in evaluating and treating sports injuries. She is widely regarded as an authority on injury risk evaluation methodologies and injury risk reduction programming in the competitive sports performance arena.

Dr. Budge has received national grant funding for her work in ACL-injury-related research. She has made multiple contributions to ACL injury and rehabilitation-related research and authored the “Injury Prevention” chapter in the International Youth Conditioning Association’s Principles of Athletic Strength & Conditioning textbook. She continues to present nationally on athlete injury risk profiling and reduction and lecture at the collegiate and graduate levels.

Dr. Budge educating athletes about injury prevention.
Dr. Budge conducting personal athlete evaluations.

Dr. Budge’s passion for injury prevention was ignited after suffering an ACL injury in college, and her history as a collegiate basketball athlete provides her unique insights into catering sports science services to the athletic world. Her ability to seamlessly intersect sports science theory and practical athletic performance application has led to unparalleled success and reputation within the athletic arena, and Dr. Budge’s meticulous approach to athlete movement analysis and programming has created the most successful injury prevention system in the nation.

Our level of national success preventing non-contact injuries in high-level competitive athletes is unmatched.


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